Clain is building sophisticated analysis software that provides regulatory compliance for crypto related businesses and empowers forensic investigators with ingenious tools to detect and explore crypto-enabled crimes

As a Senior C++ Engineer:

  • You will develop an in-house in-memory database using the C++20 standard
  • You will develop and optimize data structures for the compact and efficient storage of huge data in memory
  • You will be working on graph algorithms and graph query language
  • You will be working with the DataScience team to optimize our algorithms and heuristics


  • Have 5+ years of experience in commercial development
  • Deep professional knowledge of modern C++ standard
  • Deep understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • You know how to optimize data storage in memory and work with big data on Linux
  • Have experience in multi-thread application development
  • Have a good knowledge of base templates of Object-Oriented programming and have sufficient experience in applying those to real-life projects
  • Ability to write a well-structured, quality code
  • LLDB, GDB debugging experience
  • Possess Master’s degree in Computer Science / Applied Mathematics